Never Waste a Good Crisis Point

With the current events (*stressor*), every one is trying to “adapt” to the new environment. It’s not surprising to see people trying to keep their habits in the new environment; not letting go.

The surprising part is when people who are pioneers of agility in their organizations are not making an effort to try something new. Run small experiments, don’t put all your effort in keeping the status quo! Experimentation, isn’t this what we suppose to do? #experiment #kaizen

And what better time is there to come up with something new than now? Use this crisis to see what’s not working, come up with a completely new approach and experiment. You do not need to blindly follow your *rituals*. #dogmatism

Ingredients for change; stressor, reflector, and leadership. This is thought to us (Kanban Coaches) by David J. Anderson. With these, people are motivated and have less resistance for change. The stressor is here; COVID-19. Leadership is needed for new approaches/ideas and reflect on it.

Do not waste this crisis point! Try focusing on #flow. Use #gamification to better manage your existing #Kanban system.  Replace your routines with new ways of interactions. Use storification, find your services, update policies for better risk management. Try to implement AI.

Don’t just try to keep all habits but let some to transform or even die for better ones to emerge. Like a phoenix rise from your ashes; let go of the current and reinspect your purpose and policies. Let go of your tunnel vision. You are allowed to think. #nodogma #kaizen #fit4purpose

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