A Statement

We, the servant leaders, recognize that everyone has their own ways of creating value and we respect it. Also, we’re proud and passionate about the ways that we use to help people.

We acknowledge that it’s not about discarding the old and bringing the new (#revolution), but offering an alternative to see, objectively, which is more fit for purpose (#evolution).

We’re not playing a transformation game in the realm of Agile or similar paradigms.

We’re in the serious business of:
📌 Understanding the needs of the culture first, suggesting appropriate tools later

📌 Growing genuine leaders together to help their culture succeed in the face of rapid change

📌 Supporting cultures with scientific methods and models, to strive and flourish in the competitive business world

📌 Showing scientific evidence that the current ways of doing things are in the favor of what the culture is aiming for

We’re trying to do all the above to “diminish the dependency for our servant leadership services” (in other words render ourselves irrelevant). Enabling us to have our own #phoenix moment; reborn from our ashes and evolve for better.

⭐Agile is not an end but a means to an end.

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