A Framework for Enabling Leadership at All Levels

#5Qs #5Questions

Whenever someone comes up with a suggestion or idea, we should ask them to put it in the following form. This way we understand the idea better and see if the idea owner has given a good thought.

⭐ The Outcome / Need / Why
The north star that shows us the way when we are lost.
(What is the expectation/purpose? Why are we doing it? What’s in it for me?)

🧪 The Suggestion / Experiment / How + What
The idea that we are going to execute.
(What/how are we going to do?)

⏱ The Duration
The time frame that we would like to see an improvement at the end.
(How long are we going to experiment?)

🚨 The Exit Condition
The indicators that let us know, soon, that this is not the right way to go.
(What is the condition to abort? Where is the last point to abort?)

🏁 The Reality Check
The objective proof/metric that we check against to decide the outcome has been achieved.
(How do we decide if we are there? How do we conclude that the outcome is achieved?)

If a colleague can detail the idea (that is the #2 in the list) into this context then we all know when to openly give feedback or ask for questions without being traumatized.

Enabling leadership with training wheels. Experiencing leadership with guard rails.